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We don’t have a company uniform, per se. But somehow, everyone happens to show up to work every morning wearing the same exact thing—a fresh, bright smile. And despite the hours of stirring and the heat of the open fire, those smiles just don’t seem to wear out one bit. We doubt they ever will.

There’s a lot of passion in the air at Popsalot headquarters. So it’s no surprise that passion becomes a natural ingredient in every batch of our hand-crafted gourmet popcorn. We’re proud to share that the not-so-secret behind our signature recipe is much more than the luscious alchemy of pure Bourbon Vanilla and deep brown sugar. It’s also in the rich traditions and warm childhood memories of our diverse, dedicated kitchen crew that sweetens just about everything they touch.

Each recipe in Popsalot’s Deluxe Collection begins with an extra-special touch—luscious infused caramels that deliver distinctive nut flavor with every bite. While a batch of our made-from-scratch Clandestine Caramel Corn simmers on the stove, our chefs blend premium Macadamias, pecans or cashews into creamy nut butters. When the caramel deepens from light blonde to rich amber, the nut butter is swirled in and given a moment more to bubble, meld, and blossom in flavor.

The molten infused caramel is then whisked off the fire and poured over fresh mounds of crunchy, wholesome air-popped popcorn. With a delicate touch but furious speed, our kitchen crew hand-folds the popcorn into the warm caramel to ensure a delicate glisten kisses every flake. Before the caramel cools, generous scoops of whole roasted nuts join the mix to add those little bursts of pure indulgence to your deluxe experience.

Now ready for the final step, these sweet clusters enter our ovens. The low, slow heat of the oven coaxes the smoky nuances from our caramel, intensifies the rich fragrance of the nuts, and bakes each batch to our signature golden crisp.

Well…maybe the oven was the second-to-last step—this is the part where you come in! After all, Popsalot wouldn’t bring us half as much joy without having you there to share it forward. From the bottom of our hearts to the bottom of your bag, thank you.

Passion, Patience, Popsalove-

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