2 Di 4 Gourmet Karmel Korn

Ever had Caramel Corn that was just too sweet? Or maybe too much popcorn with only a little bit of coating on it? Or my personal favorite….caramel corn that tastes like the package it came from? Either way..a couple handfuls and you’re done? Well this isn’t that. Our Karmel Korn is so rich and buttery, golden brown, and perfectly sweet; the taste just lingers in your mouth. No matter how much you tell yourself “No!” your hand will have a mind of its own (You may have to smack it with the other one).

Our gourmet products are crafted using only the finest ingredients including: Iowa Grown Premium Popcorn, direct from grower, which we pop in Pure Coconut Oil. Creamy Butter. Rich Molasses. Extra Large Roasted Virginia Peanuts, Whole Pecan Halves, Large Roasted Cashews. Real Bacon in our Bacorn. Real Jalapenos in our Hala-Pain-Yo. Absolutely, positively no artificial anything in our Premium Karmels and Savory’s. Not to mention that we are GLUTEN FREE! Everything on our site and in our Gourmet Shop is Gluten Free. EVERYTHING!2 DI 4 GOURMET KARMEL KORN, Avondale - Restaurant Reviews, Photos & Phone  Number - Tripadvisor

Karmel Korn 2 “Di” 4 is no “light-weight” product. It’s actually a common comment I receive when someone picks up the bag . . . “This stuff is heavy!” Yes, it is. Why? Because the popcorn we use holds plenty of the caramel in all the nooks and crannies, so you end up with a balance of popcorn to candy. It almost melts in your mouth. This is part of the reason shipping may be a tad higher than anticipated . . . because we aren’t full of fluff.

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