Popcorn – The Gluten Friendly Snack Food

Gluten Free Popcorn

Approximately three million Americans suffer from a condition called “Celiac Disease” (also spelled ‘Coeliac‘). Celiac Disease is basically an allergy to gluten (wheat). In fact, 97 percent of those with this affliction are undiagnosed. Symptoms range from very mild to quite painful depending on the person and quantity of gluten consumed. As such, the food industry has responded to answer the call with gluten free foods, snacks and other treats. Although most of these “gluten free” options require quite a bit of chemistry to make them both digestible and flavorful, there is one delicious gluten-free option that few people know about.

Popcorn is a naturally occurring gluten-friendly snack! Popped corn is essentially a neutral-flavored canvas that with a little creativity and decades of experience makes for a delicious, flavorful, highly-addictive treat. Popcorn has the beauty to embody the essence of all other snack foods. The saltiness of pretzels, the cheesiness of potato chips, the crunch and sweetness of crackers and cookies, and so on. Popcorn has become the safe haven for those with discriminating taste buds, and sensitive digestive systems.

Make no mistake. Depending on the flavorings used in making gourmet popcorn, it may no longer be gluten-friendly. There are many flavorings that contain wheat. Wheat and its by-products are often used as binding agents, which is crucial when flavoring popcorn. If you are allergic to gluten, please make sure you verify that the popcorn is gluten free before you buy it. At Gourmet Popcorn Finder we want everyone to enjoy this amazing treat worry, stress and trouble-free. From sweet, spicy, savory and even caramel, there is a gluten-friendly option out there for you.

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