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In 2015, Nate and Stacey Freitag started Free Day Popcorn Company to provide consumers with the freshest popcorn available. The company name comes from the Freitags’ last name. Freitag in German is Friday or literally, “frei” = “free” and “tag” = “day”.

Based on the Kansas/Nebraska border, Free Day Popcorn is grown in America’s Heartland on a farm that’s been in Nate’s family for generations. After sampling some of the popcorn that Nate’s father grew, they fell in love with how fresh the popcorn was from the field compared to what you typically buy in the grocery store.

Freitag Family

Unlike commercial processors who may store popcorn for up 18 months before it reaches the package, we never blend with an older year’s harvest.

Fresher popcorn means the popcorn pops more consistently. There are fewer unpopped kernels resulting in less waste. Fresh popcorn is light and crisp and has fewer hulls. Our customers have said it’s the best popcorn they’ve tasted, even without the yummy popcorn toppings.

We’ve found that people appreciate knowing where their food comes from and having a relationship directly with the farmer that grew it.

Available popcorn varieties include yellow butterfly, white butterfly and mushroom popcorn.

We ship our non-gmo, gluten free kernels direct to consumers throughout the United States.   Our farm fresh popcorn is available in bulk to gourmet popcorn poppers. Wholesale pricing available by request. Email freeday.popcorn @

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