The Best Gourmet Popcorn Comes to Houston, Texas

Gourmet Popcorn Comes to Houston

If you haven’t heard, gourmet popcorn is the latest snack trend in Texas. As people grow more health conscious, millennials and the like want new and exciting flavors that you just don’t hear about everyday. With gourmet popcorn sales on the raise, enters Campbell’s Sweets Factory. Founded in Cleveland, Ohio this family-owned company perfected their way of making delicious gourmet popcorn over 40 years ago with humble beginnings at a local area mall. Since then, the brand has grown to four brick and mortar stores, with popcorn sold by several local retailers and other outlets throughout the Greater Cleveland area.

Make no mistake, there are many places in the Houston area that make gourmet popcorn. But how many actually do it well? Making gourmet popcorn in large batches can compromise quality and create inconsistency from bag to bag. Is the company using high quality non-GMO kernels? If something says “gourmet” it needs to start and end with the highest quality of ingredients possible. Also, how much popcorn do you get compared to air? With gourmet popcorn prices averaging between $5.00 to $7.00, don’t you think you deserve more value for what you are paying for?

Carrying traditional flavors like Caramelcorn, Cheese and Kettlecorn are common. But have you ever heard of flavors like “Pomegranate”, “Root Beer”, “Hint of Lime”, “Apple Pie” and “Peach Cobbler”? Those are just a few of the many flavors Campbell’s has to offer to an increasing demand for new, bold and exciting gourmet popcorn flavors.

Not wanting to deprive the other side of the country of this amazing popcorn, Campbell’s and JOM Diversified (a marketing and branding company) have inked an exclusive wholesale deal for the entire state of Texas. JOM Diversified is committed to bringing a taste of Cleveland-based, handmade, affordable gourmet popcorn to the fine people of the Lone Star State.

GourmetPopcornFinder.com is the source for all Texans wanting a taste of something new, bold and exciting. With weekly contests, giveaways and other offers, Campbell’s is sure to become a household name not only in the midwest, but also in the southwest region as well.

To learn more about this amazing tradition of popcorn artisans, click here. If you want to see just a “taste” of what Campbell’s has for Texas, click here.